Florence Store Appearances

Craig Boldman
Writer of Jughead, prolific newspaper strip writer and artist and long time comic professional.

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Christopher Charlton
Writer of Black of Heart, Binary Gray, Sleepless, The Dolls, Retrothrust, and many others.

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Travis Fessler
Of the Pickled Brothers Circus warms up the crowd before the doors even open with fire-eating, sword swallowing, and bullwhippery! He’s also known for his wrangling of giant cockroaches. Check out their full amazing show at places like the Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival, Ohio Renaissance Festival, Dogwood Pass, and Asheville Viking Festival.

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Tim Fuller
Writer of Sham Comics, Zombie Marge online comic, Cap’n Catnip, and curator of the Twelve-Way with Cheese collaboration

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Jay Kalagayan
Writer of MeSSed Season 1, Season 2, and MeSSed: Messenger

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Mark Kidwell
Writer of Rising Rebels, Creator of ’68, ’68: Last Rites, ’68 Rule of War, Bump, and many others.

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https://www.jayfotos.com  (Rising Rebels)

Jay Leisten
Inker for Marvel Comics and of this year’s FCBD Spider-Man, he is a prolific inker and has worked on some of the hottest projects coming out of the Marvel and DC Universes including Death of Wolverine, Secret Empire, Monsters Unleashed, Outsiders, Nightwing, Moon Knight and many more!

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David Mack
Creator of Kabuki and artist on Marvel Comics’ Cover, Emmy nominated New York Times Bestselling Author and Creator of Kabuki, work on American Gods, Fight Club, Jessica Jones, and Cultural Ambassador for the US State Department. 

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