Saturday at Florence: Heroclix

Don’t miss our Heroclix Tournament starting at 1pm at the Florence store. If you enjoyed the Guardians of the Galaxy film, don’t miss the newest Heroclix set focusing on those […]

This Friday at Florence

FNM is a M15 Booster Draft and starts at 6:30pm, Entry is $16. D&D Encounters Powered by 5th Edition is open to EVERYONE and starts at 7:30pm.

Spotlight on Multiversity #1

Grant Morrison strikes again (with some incredible pencils from Ivan Reiss)! Multiversity #1 is the beginning of a multiverse spanning saga that seems to start out as Captain Carrot and […]

This Thursday at Florence

Commander League for Magic: the Gathering kicks off at 6pm. Modern Tournament for Magic: the Gathering kicks off at 7pm.  $5 gets you into both.   D&D Encounters featuring 5th Edition […]

D&D 5th Edition is In Stock!

The Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Era has officially begun! The Player’s Handbook, Hoarde of the Dragon Queen, and Wizkid’s D&D Miniatures for 5th Edition are IN STOCK NOW! And […]

We open at 11am on Wednesday! Are you a fan of Doc Savage and the Shadow?   Then don’t miss Justice Inc. #1 ADV TIME BANANA GUARD ACADEMY #2 (OF 6) […]